10 great true crime documentaries on YouTube

From famous serial killers to love triangles gone wrong, the demand for true crime documentaries is at an all-time high. It’s hard not to go down the true crime documentaries rabbit hole. Whether you watch out of curiosity or maybe to understand why people commit the crimes that they do, true crime documentaries are some of the best content to binge-watch all night long. Additionally, the narrators of these documentaries do a good job of keeping us glued to our screens. If you’re a fan of true crime documentaries, you can find so many good ones on YouTube.

Here are some recommendations.

The Terrifying Acid Bath Murderer

While many serial killers are motivated by their thirst for blood, John Haigh was motivated by his greed for money. He’s also one of the few infamous serial killers who wasn’t an American. He was an Englishman who had a fairly normal childhood.

However, he started getting in trouble with authorities from a young age because of theft and financial fraud. His first murder was his former employer whom he was jealous of. After killing him, he dissolved his body in a drum filled with sulphuric acid which later earned him the name the “Acid Bath Murderer”. This documentary gives details of every crime he committed.

Dahmer: The Blood Curling Story Of The Milwaukee Cannibal

Whether you’re a fan of true crime documentaries or not, you’ve probably heard of Jeffrey Dahmer thanks to the Netflix biopic. While the biopic sheds a lot of light on the gruesome crimes that Jeffrey Dahmer committed, hearing first-hand accounts from journalists, witnesses and people who lived around the area during that time paints a more vivid picture of these horrible crimes. This documentary focuses on Dahmer’s upbringing, his personality, how he started killing, details of his crimes and how he got caught.

The Murdaugh Mysteries

The Murdaugh family were untouchable in their home county of Hampton, South Carolina. Alex Mardaugh was a fourth-generation lawyer who had not only inherited his family wealth but also influence. He was a respected member of the society. However, the power seemed to have corrupted the patriarch of the family who ended up being convicted of killing his wife and son. This documentary takes us through the trial process that led to the conviction.

The Life & Crimes Of Ted Bundy

Described as handsome and charismatic, most people who crossed Ted Bundy’s path would never have suspected that he was a serial killer. He had a way with words which would, ultimately, play a key role in helping him lure his victims to their deaths. In this documentary, we get to see a detailed account of the life of one of the most infamous and brutal serial killers.

The Night Of The Idaho Student Murders

When a group of friends living together retired for the night, they would have never that that it would be their last day on earth. The college roommates lived in a six-bedroom home in a fairly quiet town when someone broke in and stabbed four of the occupants to death, leaving two other occupants unharmed. If the case wasn’t bizarre enough, it only got more bizarre when the killer was caught.  He turned out to be a Criminology student at another university in the area. Though the motive of the crime is not known, evidence showed that he had been planning the crime for some time and had been to the house at least 12 times before the murders. The documentary talks to the families of the victims about the impact the crime has had on their lives.

King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer

Many of our favourite rappers were in gangs before becoming famous. For some, they’re able to leave that lifestyle or at least stay away from the criminal aspect of it. Others actively participate in gang activities even after they become famous and go to the extent of bragging about the things they’ve done in their lyrics. King Von was one of those rappers who was also an active gang member. He allegedly killed people from rival gangs until he met the same fate after he was shot down and killed. This documentary reveals the things that went on behind the scenes of King Von’s life.

Inside Mexico’s Most Powerful Drug Cartel

In Mexico, violence is a part of life due to the never-ending cartel wars. The Sinaloa cartel has been the most powerful cartel in Mexico for decades but that doesn’t mean that they don’t face challengers who wish to take their spot. They constantly have to defend their territory which results in bloody shootouts on the streets putting civilians at risk. This documentary uncovers what life is like for those in the cartel and those living in a land controlled by the gang.

Chris Watts – The Watts Family Homicides

If there’s something that true crime documentaries will teach you, it’s that nothing is impossible and most times our worst enemies are seated right beside us. It’s hard to believe that a seemingly loving husband and father could kill his pregnant wife and two children. However, investigators of this case were just as baffled to find out that the man they had talked to about his missing wife and children had actually killed them. The documentary shows what investigators thought of the case and the interrogation that led to a confession.

There’s Something About Casey

Casey Anthony’s name became synonymous with child killer following her high-profile court case that had everyone glued to their screens. Casey’s daughter was reported missing by her grandmother who hadn’t seen her in a month. After a search, the daughter’s remains were found in a forest and Casey was soon arrested and charged with murder. Though many were convinced that Casey was guilty, she was found not guilty of murder. This documentary focuses on firsthand accounts of the case.

Jonestown: Paradise Lost

When members of Jim Jones’s church left their homes in America and went with them to live in a remote compound in Guyana, they thought they were going to paradise but it turned out to be hell on earth. Jim Jones was the leader of the infamous Peoples Temple cult and carried out one of the largest mass deaths in history. He had brainwashed his community to believe that he had their best interest at heart and would regularly carry out mock mass suicide exercises to test their loyalty. However, more members of the cult wanted to leave due to poor living standards, Jim Jones ordered everyone in the cult to commit suicide by drinking juice laced with cyanide. Those who refused were either injected with the drug or forced to drink. A few members managed to escape but more than 900 people died. This documentary details the horrors of the cult.