Here are some practical tips from LG on curating an uplifting social media feed

Nowadays, we have gotten so used to being on social media that we cannot do without it. However, of late there has been a surge of negative content on the interwebs which if one is not careful can lead to anxiety as well as affect your mental health negatively. To counter, this it is advised that one should make a conscious effort to consume more positive content. LG through their Optimism Your Feed campaign has embarked on an effort to bring back positive content on our timelines.

The campaign was launched after LG did a study which indicated that almost half of the survey’s respondents (45 percent) reported that their social media feeds consist of an equal or greater amount of negative content than positive content. One in four respondents (28 percent) claimed that negative content on their social media feeds has increased their anxiety, and one in five (20 percent) noted it has made them unhappy. Other studies also suggest that algorithms often promote negative and niche conversations.

The Optimism Your Feed campaign works to bring positivity back to your timeline by enabling you to curate an uplifting and inspiring social media feed through three easy steps. This is because once you are able to get positive content on your timeline, it triggers the algorithm to start showing you more of the same and within a short time it will be just positive vibes which is actually good for your mental health.

Here are the three steps that LG recommends to make your timeline better.

Find Optimism

@lge_lifesgood Waddling back from brunch like… @myprideandducks #OptimismYourfeed #joy #optimism #pets #animalsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Life’s Good

For those who are on TikTok, search for the LG handle (@lge_lifesgood) where they have posted a playlist with over 20 videos ranging from motivation to feel-good content. I found these videos to be a welcome break from the dreary and negative nature of social media nowadays and they are bound to leave you with a smile.

Engage with the Videos

If you find the content in the videos as enjoyable as I did, make sure to engage with them by tapping, liking or commenting and sharing. By doing this, you will ensure that the algorithm on Tiktok recognizes that you are interested in this kind of uplifting content and will make a point of showing you more of the same moving forward. This will go a long way in ensuring that your timeline is able to pull more of the positive content as opposed to the negative which is prevalent nowadays.


Because as we all know that sharing is caring, ensure that you spread the love by sharing the Optimism Your Feed playlist with your friends and family. This will ensure that their timelines are also cleansed of negative content and which will conversely have a positive impact on their mental health.

There you have it, start curating your timeline to ensure more positive and uplifting content via the LG Optimism Your Feed campaign and bring a smile back to social media.