How the LG Optimism Your Feed campaign can enhance your social media experience

As Kenyans we are living at time when the young people in our country are agitating for a change in the way things are run. In as much as this is a good thing for us as the citizens, it has resulted in a lot of negative content on social media to a point on can easily get overwhelmed. However, all is not lost as LG has launched a campaign dubbed “Life’s Good – Optimism Your Feed,” in a bid to spread positivity on social media by encouraging engagement with inspiring content.

The campaign was launched after the electronics manufacturer conducted a global study which indicated that social media to be a source of anxiety, even as it serves as an important tool for entertainment staying updated on current events. Almost half of the survey’s respondents (45 percent) reported that their social media feeds consist of an equal or greater amount of negative content than positive content. One in four respondents (28 percent) claimed that negative content on their social media feeds has increased their anxiety, and one in five (20 percent) noted it has made them unhappy. Other studies also suggest that algorithms often promote negative and niche conversations.

Essentially algorithms on social media platforms have a very big impact on the kind of content that will appear on your timeline. Watching negative content even if once or twice can trigger the algorithm to think that it your preference. Hence showing you more of the same which has been proven to induce anxiety and has an effect on your mental health. So, what can you do to cleanse your timeline and bring back positive vibes? You can do this by making a point to watch positive content which can trigger the algorithm to bring more positive content to your timeline.

To make it easier to cleanse your timeline, LG has partnered with global influencers such Tina Choi, Victoria Browne, Josh Harmon among others to create positive content. The ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist includes over 20 short-form videos ranging from motivation to feel-good content designed to uplift your mood. Watching at least two or three of these videos will definitely trigger the algo to bring your more of such positive content.

Victoria Browne, a global influencer and TEDx Talk speaker, had this to say, “The algorithms on our social channel can have a big impact on the content we see online, which impacts our mental health. That’s why I’m passionate about ‘Optimism your feed’, and I hope that people use this playlist as a foundation to retrain their algorithm and encourage positivity in all aspects of their lives. So much of the stigma and difficulty of tackling mental health is that it is unseen. With this campaign, we are saying you should reach out to your friends, and that we can help each other. Our algorithm should recommend content that makes us feel more connected to people, not less.”

@lge_lifesgood Stretch. Snack. Belly rub. Repeat. @poppy_the_prairie_dog #Optimismyourfeed #pets #animalsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Life’s Good

@lge_lifesgood Nothing like a leaf dive after a ruff day. @dognamedstella #dog #pets #Optimismyourfeed #joy #optimism #animalsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Life’s Good

So, what are you waiting for start engaging with “Life’s Good – Optimism Your Feed” on both TikTok and YouTube for a better and positive timeline.