X users to start paying for Grok its new AI chatbot

xAI, a new AI startup owned by Elon Musk has introduced its first AI model named Grok.   Grok which is a chatbot will be integrated with X, formerly Twitter. Grok is available for early testing for X users, and it will later be part of X’s “Premium+” service, costing around $16 per month.

This integration will give it real-time access to X’s data, giving it an advantage over other models which rely on older internet archives. While xAI aims to challenge established players like OpenAI, the AI industry is experiencing significant growth with concerns of a potential tech bubble.

This release aligns with Musk’s efforts to boost X’s engagement and sales, following concerns about content moderation on the platform.

“Despite its capabilities, Grok also raises concerns about biases, harmful content, and false information. Unlike some other companies with trust and safety teams, Musk has reduced X’s team and intends to make the chatbot less politically correct.”

While Grok matches the performance of Meta’s models, it lags behind OpenAI’s latest GPT-4. OpenAI’s model has demonstrated human-level performance on professional benchmarks. However, xAI emphasizes the rapid progress they are making in training large language models efficiently.

It is reported that experts are impressed by Grok’s performance but highlight the difference between appealing to consumers and satisfying large enterprise customers’ safety and reliability requirements.