Microsoft launches a new set of tools to make building AI solutions easier

Microsoft has launched ‘Build with AI’ which are new tools to help make building AI solutions easier. Build with AI is held within the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub where founders can gain access to flexible templates designed to accelerate the creation and deployment of AI solutions.

The new templates allow founders to quickly create and launch AI solutions by allowing them to add ChatGPT to an app. They can connect ChatGPT to an app’s data using Python or JavaScript, or even create a ChatGPT plugin. When clicking on these templates, they open in their development tool of choice and give everything needed to understand, edit, and deploy them, including tips for customizing and troubleshooting.

The update also includes an AI assistant in Founders Hub to provide support at every stage of the startup journey. Once in Founders Hub, founders can access an AI-powered assistant via a button on the top navigation bar or through shortcuts on the homepage. The dedicated AI assistant is now available to support users and answer their questions within the Founders Hub platform.

Once engaged, the assistant opens a chat window with recommended questions or prompts for users to ask their own. With these tools, founders can make their work more efficient, giving them more time to focus on the things that matter like growing their business.

The Founders Hub is an initiative under the Microsoft for Startups program which is aimed at supporting founders through experimentation and development of solutions. The program accelerates startup growth with free access to generative AI models, up to USD 150,000 in Azure credits to be used towards Azure AI, and expert guidance.

Founders, even those with just an idea, can sign up for the Founders Hub and get the tech, tools and resources they need to prototype, build and ship their solution.