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3 reasons why the LG Dual Inverter RAC is the best in the market

After a hard day at work, all one wants to do is get home to a cool shower and proper rest in a quiet space. However, when the temperatures are high, the new LG Dual Inverter RAC comes in handy to offer comfort.

Unlike in the past, air conditioners are no longer a luxury item, because with increased global warming and rising temperatures, they have become a basic product accessible by all. However, this has led to the market being inflated with outdated ACs that are expensive to maintain and ineffective.

Nevertheless, all is not lost as LG Electronics through the new LG Dual Inverter RAC offers users an opportunity to worry less about their ACs working properly or not, effectively, or are noisy hence causing stress as well as being too expensive to maintain.

Here are reasons why the new LG Dual Inverter RAC is the best in the market.

  1. Cools Faster

LG Inverter air conditioners cool up to 40 per cent faster than LG non-inverter air conditioners. This has been verified by TUV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading testing service providers of technical systems and products around the world.

  1. Lasts Longer

As you know, the wind blows sand and dirt into an outdoor unit and it damages an air conditioner causing it to break down and decreasing the life of the product. But do you clean it up regularly?

According to LG Electronics, the management of the outdoor unit is as important as the main unit to use the air conditioner for a long-lasting without any problem.

With this in mind, the LG Dual Cool Inverter RAC has developed the Anti-Dust Gold Fin which is wider the distance of the internal pins by about 30 per cent than the conventional type. Therefore, the cooling performance is maintained for a long period and the risk of breakdown is reduced. As a result of the internal lap test, Anti-Dust Gold Fin™ provides 42 per cent better cooling performance than conventional types.

  1. Runs Quieter

To achieve quietness, the LG Dual Cool Inverter RAC comes with an inbuilt skew fan and the inverter compressor which eliminate unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation.