Jiji a fast paced youth drama set to premier on Showmax this month

Jiji a fast-paced youth drama is set to premier on Showmax on 17th June. The show follows the lives of four young girls in the streets of Jericho, a low-income settlement in Nairobi, who are forced into a life of crime to make ends meet.
Eighteen-year-old Julz will do anything to provide for her family. When her younger brother is accepted into a prestigious international school, she and three friends take another job with Jericho’s kingpin, Makali, leading to tragic consequences that change their lives forever.

“Capturing the raw and authentic experiences of life in the ghetto, Jiji delves into the nuanced lives of four young women, each with unique strengths and vulnerabilities, as they navigate a world that constantly pulls them back into crime” says director Enos Olik (Famous). “The intense emotional and moral conflicts, combined with the dynamic setting of Eastlands, promise a gripping and heartfelt narrative that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.”
With its leading ladies, Olik directs a predominantly young cast, which he describes as a very interesting experience. “It’s been a collaborative effort working with them. Their enthusiasm and commitment to portraying their characters’ struggles and growth add a vibrant and realistic touch to the series. It’s also inspiring to see how they connect with the material, drawing from their own experiences and observations to bring depth to their performances,” Olik says.
Jiji co-directors include Edwin Kamau (Crime and Justice, Second Family), Njue Kevin (Big Girl Small World as producer), Isaya Evans (Igiza) and Michael Jones.
Jiji joins Showmax’s ambitious 2024 slate in Kenya that also includes Single Kiasi S3, which is now available to binge after last week’s finale. May titles includes The Real Housewives of Nairobi S2, which introduced three new Housewives this season, Big Girl Small World directed by Nick Mutuma, Untying Kantai from Philit Productions, and the first Kenyan Showmax docuseries Nilichoma.