Kachingching na Coke

Phoebe Nafula is the first winner of Ksh. 1 Million in the Kachingching na Coke promotion

Phoebe Nafula has emerged as the first winner of the Ksh. 1 million weekly grand prize in the ongoing Kachingching na Coke promotion by Coca-Cola Kenya.

This marks the start of a series of winnings as Coca-Cola will be awarding a total of 13 millionaires in the
coming weeks.

Phoebe had this to say, “When I received the call, I didn’t believe it; I realized I didn’t even have an active bank
account for the money to go to.”

The mother of two spends her days selling tissue paper at Ngong market, a job she has held for the past year. She lives with her husband and children in Kisii Ndogo. Phoebe, who is now among the first among 13 millionaires in the ongoing Kachingching na Coke consumer promotion, plans to use her winnings to purchase a plot of land and build her
family a home in Western Kenya.

Theuri Chege, Country Manager Coca-Cola Kenya said, “We are delighted to be awarding our first millionaire today and we look forward to changing the lives of 12 more consumers in the coming weeks.”

Coca-Cola Kenya launched the Kaching ching na Coke promotion last week to put that extra shilling in the pockets of Kenyans by offering cash prizes only ranging from KSH 50 to KSH 1 million.

With one winner announced, there are still 12 more to be awarded in the coming weeks. Customers still have a chance to try their luck.

To participate, consumers are invited to purchase Coca-Cola beverages in 200ml, 300ml, and 500ml returnable glass bottles and check under the metal crown for a unique code. Customers will then SMS this code to 40111 to stand a chance to win. The promotion packs will include a wide range of the company’s products, including the
various Fanta brands, Sprite, Krest, Stoney, and Schweppes.


Aaron Kipkirui wins Ksh. 1 Million in the Kachingching na Coke promotion