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Google launches find my device feature to help track your Android smartphone

Google has announced that it has rolled out a find my device feature which will help android device users find their gadgets.

The feature will be available to users in US and Canada before rolling out to the rest of the world for users operating on Android 9 and beyond. With the update, you will be able to trace your phone while its offline using other android devices relaying on your phones approximate location. The feature will give visual cues in the find my device app when you move closer to it.

Google has indicated that you will be able to locate other items such as keys, wallet or luggage with the help of Bluetooth compatible tracker tags from Pebble bee and Chipolo that will be part of the find my device app starting this May. Find my Device network will also be compatible with unknown tracker alerts across Android and iOS to protect users from unwanted tracking.

With the feature, Google also promises an option to share accessories such as remote, car keys or luggage with friends and family so everyone can easily keep an eye on it.

According to Google, the device is secure and private. It’s supported with multi-layered protection to help keep you safe, your personal information private while still keeping you in control of the device.