Remote Jobs

Top websites for remote jobs in Kenya

Given the state of our economy where jobs are becoming hard to come by, remote jobs are providing a good opportunity to make a living while balancing everyday life. It enables you to make a good income passively or as your main hustle. However, the remote job market has become highly competitive and at times, it can be hard to find work.

Also, many job search websites have realized the high demand and capitalized on this market making it even harder to get remote job opportunities. There are also many fake remote job advertisements on the internet with a motive of separating you with your hard-earned money. But, if you’re looking for remote work, don’t let all these hurdles discourage you, you can find legitimate jobs from certain sites without having to pay a shilling.

Here are some of the best sites that offer remote job advertisements for free.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the most reputable websites that offer remote working opportunities at no cost to people around the world. It connects its 130,000 monthly visitors to a wide variety of remote jobs including web developers, brand managers, virtual assistants and sales executives. The site allows you to receive specific job alerts which are sent to your email address. The ads on the site are straightforward which makes it easy to go through the thousands of listings without wasting time. Additionally, they charge $300 to post a job ad which wades off any time wasters or scammers.

Brighter Monday

Closer home, Brighter Monday is a leading online jobs platform in the region. It boasts over 800,000 candidates and 36,000 employers in almost every field. You can find remote work which is available in the country by customizing your search. The platform allows you to upload your CV and state your preferred salary so that potential employers are aware of your skillset and expectations. It’s also one of the few sites in the region that shows the expected salary for a specific job ad.


LinkedIn still remains to be the go-to site for job seekers. This is the leading site to find a wide range of jobs in different fields. It helps users find new work opportunities and build their careers. The site allows you to build a profile where you can list your skillset, professional experience and educational background. This makes it easy for companies are recruiters to not only find you but also consider you for the job.


Priding itself in being expertly curated, Jobspresso offers remote jobs from almost every industry including tech, customer service, HR, Project management, marketing and more. The site also offers an opportunity to work with big companies such as Apple, Amazon and TED. The pleasant job search and user experience have made this platform a remote job seeker’s favourite and earned it the recognition of top publishers such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Business Insider.


Dribble is a haven for graphic and web designers to find remote job opportunities as well as connect with other designers. The site is pretty clean and easy to use. Web designers can share their portfolio on the platform which not only showcases their talent but also their area of expertise. They can also find inspiration for their next project on the site. Other features on the site include a learning tool, a filter for your search based on your speciality, whether you want freelance or full-time job ads and which company you want to work for.

The Muse

An aesthetic, easy-to-use website, The Muse makes a rather tedious job-hunting process feel glamorous. The site offers remote jobs in more than 20 fields including marketing, IT, education, real estate and writing. It also features ads from reputable companies such as Visa and Walgreens all seeking remote employees. the search filter is easily customizable to your preferred location and company.


The tagline “Find your dream remote job without the hassle” perfectly describes the user experience on this site. It’s straight to the point. Unlike most sites, this site allows you to apply for a job directly on the landing page. You also get a lot of information on the landing page including the pay range, location, and when the ad was posted. If you need more details, you can click on the ad which takes you to another page.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads offers great opportunities to anyone interested in starting or growing their telecommuting career. By subscribing, you will get job alerts directly to your email increasing your chances of getting your dream remote job. The site is also an easy and convenient way to find remote jobs. With colour-coded categories, it’s easy to scan through the thousands of ads. The most common ads are for Development, making this site a great resource for software engineers. However, there are other job categories including Design, HR and Legal.


The remote job market is full of contract-based projects and finding something permanent can be nearly impossible in a sea of temporary gigs. Outsourcely is one of the best sites to find full-time remote jobs. The site offers job ads from companies seeking to foster more long-term relationships. It also offers a wide range of remote jobs including marketing, legal and accounting.


The job market has never favoured women, and the remote job market is no exception. Therefore, websites like Rise that cater to women are more than needed to help close the gap. Rise is a premier remote job site for women who are looking for freelance or contract-based projects. Apart from job searching, it also offers a platform where you can engage with other like-minded women. You can also find resources to boost your skillset. To gain access, you have to create a profile.