Shamba Records raises $135,000 in funding from CV Labs

Kenya’s Shamba Records has received $135,000 each from CV Labs, the global accelerator pillar of Switzerland’s blockchain venture capital firm CV VC.

Shamba Records offer a real-time data collection tool to unleash credit access to farmers and a farmer’s wallet, facilitating seamless credit processing and payments.

The CV Labs Accelerator provides each participant with up to USD 135,000 in capital, access to other capital avenues, one-on-one mentorship, and customized growth hacks.

Shamba Records was part of Batch_06 of the CV Labs Accelerator and was part of the eight pioneering startups selected for acceleration based on the utility that their solutions will deliver. Most of the Batch_06 startups are working across traditional industries and web3 infrastructure and intend to impact global challenges across agriculture, intellectual property, and creative industries. Many are at the forefront of building data analytics, open source, and prediction solutions infrastructure for Web3The CV Labs Accelerator.

According to Bastian Wetzel, Head of Acceleration at CV VC AG, “Our accelerator provides optimal conditions for growth. We provide the accepted projects access to a network of industry-leading mentors and investors. Bespoke support, geared toward each specific start-up, and assistance with everything from entity structuring to product roadmap construction”.

The program runs from the CV Labs Accelerator space in Zug, Switzerland, which is purpose-built for collaboration. Participants will also benefit from the infrastructure of the broader Crypto Valley ecosystem, which is counted as the most mature blockchain hub globally, with over 1200 entities operating within the most favorably regulated system. Many of them are located in CV Labs’ hi-spec office space. “In Crypto Valley, the home of Ethereum, the Top 50 entities operating from here were valued at USD 382.9 billion in 2023, with thirteen unicorns in the stable.

Other startups in CV Labs Acceleration Batch_06 include:

Jamit, (Nigeria)- a decentralized podcast hosting platform which offers cloud storage, global reach, engagement rewards, and unique NFT experiences for creators and listeners.
Accelchain (USA)- a Gen AI-based no-code platform that enables developers to rapidly build, test and deploy secure dApps to the blockchain without writing a line of code.
KryptonZK (Switzerland/UK)KryptonZK offers tools for verifiable zero knowledge analytics computation on private big data and solves barriers to zero knowledge adoption.
Lawyerd (Poland)Lawyerd is an automated blockchain-based brand protection agency. Its solutions empower brands to detect, monitor, and act against trademark infringements swiftly.
Maestro (USA)Maestro is the most advanced UTxO-specialized infrastructure provider. Maestro offers a full suite of powerful APIs and advanced software tools that streamline the development of dApps on the Cardano blockchain and beyond.
Open Source Economy (Switzerland)Open-Source Economy is a network designed to unleash the true potential of open-source. The model addresses the funding challenges that open-source initiatives face while upholding the core values of openness, transparency, collaboration, and decentralization.
Xtreamly (Germany/UK)Xtreamly’s AI system elevates DeFi with LVR reduction and oracle-independent fee optimization, enhancing DEX and AMM performance through dynamic slippage and arbitrage model predictions.

The ten-week intensive Accelerator program delivers high-paced days filled with guidance and mentorship from 70 experts. Workshops covering fundraising, marketing, regulation, legal aspects, pitching practice, and product positioning will equip the participating startups with the skills needed for success. In-depth group and one-on-one mentorship from industry experts, investors, and successful founders underpin the accelerator’s deep reputation for excellence and precision.