KBL launches online platform to enable retailers order stock from distributors

KBL (Kenya Breweries) has launched Diageo One, a new technology platform that will enable retailers to place orders online.

The platform has been on trial for the last one year and has now been scaled wider for more distributors and retailers across the country to use to order stock. The new option will ensure retailers order their stocks on time and get quality products from the alcoholic beverages maker.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a dramatic and lasting shift within the consumer goods industry leading to technology upgrades and digital innovations and moving power from brands to consumers and driving emphasis on their experience. These shifts are further driven by access to mobile and internet services among Kenyans shifting their purchases online. This is helping companies such as KBL to leverage data and analytics for better precision and innovation, tailored to consumers’ changing tastes and preferences.

KBL indicated that the platform will work for distributors the same way as The Bar a digital-based platform that is revolutionising the way consumers order for drinks.

KBL Managing Director Mark Ocitti, said, “From what we have seen in the trial stage, Diageo One will revolutionise the way we engage with our trade partners – distributors and retailers – at the point of purchase. Specifically, this new digital platform will help retailers make informed purchase decisions by keeping themselves up to date on distributor inventory, product promotions, brand campaigns and more. Simply put, putting the power of seamless trade in their hands. Even as the times change, our success depends on effectively reaching our consumers with the right products. We operate with the primary focus of being our customers’ most preferred partner and creating the most efficient customer experience and in the digital age, there is nothing more powerful than putting the power in their hands to place orders instantly.”

KBL revenues grew 10 percent in the half-year to December 31, 2023, with evolving digital transformation driving sales expansion, as consumers explore spaces and occasions to connect and enjoy across price tiers.