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10 job search sites in Kenya

The Kenyan job market is highly competitive and vacancies are filled very quickly. Thankfully, job search sites have made it easier for job seekers to find employment as well as companies to advertise vacancies. However, the high number of job search sites can make the job hunting process harder and longer than it needs to be. it’s important to know sites that advertise legitimate jobs so you can get the right employment opportunities.

Here are some of the best job search sites in Kenya.

Opportunities For Young Kenyans

From government jobs to part-time jobs, this site advertises vacancies in all fields. As the name suggests, it targets young Kenyans seeking employment. Most of the jobs they advertise are entry to mid-level which are ideal for people who are entering the job market. This makes it easier for people with little to no work experience to get a job. You can also search for a job in a specific field to find the right one for you.

Corporate Staffing Services

Corporate jobs are highly desirable due to the benefits they come with. However, they are also some of the hardest to come by. This site specializes in listing corporate jobs in a wide variety of fields. Additionally, the listings offer many important details including salary range and application closing date. This helps job seekers determine whether the job matches their expectations.

UN Jobs

The UN is a large organization which is always seeking to fill vacant positions all year round. You can find a comprehensive list of all the vacant positions in every branch of the UN on this website. The site is quite simple and listings offer lots of details including the closing dates so that job seekers can apply before the deadline. You can also select the specific branch you wish to work for on the site and browse the job listings available.


If you’re looking for a job in certain companies, Fuzu makes it easy to know when they’re hiring. The website has a feature that informs job seekers about the companies that are currently looking for employees. When you click on the company logo, it takes you to the company’s listings where you can check if they have an opening in your profession. It also offers free and paid online courses to build your skillset and help you be more marketable.


Many job search sites focus on jobs in Nairobi. However, some cater to people looking for employment in other parts of the country. If you’re looking for jobs outside of Nairobi, this is a great site to help you find one. MyJobMag has listings in almost all counties, offering a convenient way for job seekers who live in these areas to find employment.

JobWeb Kenya

JobWeb Kenya is the go-to job search site for people looking for various job listings across multiple industries. It offers entry-level, mid-level and executive jobs in a wide range of industries including government, hospitality, learning institutions and banking. The listings are also very detailed which helps job seekers know if they’re qualified for the position.

KenyaMoja Jobs

One of the best parts about this job search site is its user-friendly interface. There are very few job search sites that are as organized as this one. The listings are clearly labelled so that job seekers can find the most relevant one based on their expertise. Additionally, it offers comprehensive job listings allowing Kenyans to find their dream jobs without wasting valuable time and effort.

Advance Africa Jobs

Advance Africa is a website that offers a wide range of information including job opportunities. Most of the jobs range from entry to mid-level and include government jobs, private organizations and NGOs. Though the site doesn’t have a filter feature, the job descriptions include the closing dates so job seekers can easily identify which ones have already expired and which ones are closing soon.

Summit Recruitment & Search

For those looking for high-level jobs, Summit Recruitment & Search can help you with your search. This website prides itself in showcasing high-level job vacancies as well as sourcing the best talent for its clients. By submitting your CV, you will be included in their database and stand a chance of landing a job with one of their high-profile clients.

Impact Pool

Whether you’re passionate about making a positive impact in the world or you’re simply interested in working for an NGO, you can find a job opening using the Impactpool website. This job search site provides job opportunities in NGOs all around the world. You can also customize your search based on your country and your industry to narrow down the search results.