Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways leases a A330 Airbus as it seeks to increase efficiency

Kenya Airways has signed a short-term lease agreement for an A330 Airbus with Hi Fly. Hi Fly, is one of the world’s leading lease and charter specialist airlines, this is in a bid to enhance operational efficiency during the peak festive season.

The arrival of the aircraft will also support the anticipated increased number of travelers following the recent announcement by President William Ruto on ending visa requirements for all visitors to Kenya starting January in 2024 making Kenya visa-free country.

Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and CEO, Allan Kilavuka, “With the current capacity constraints on the back of the growing demand for airline travel, we need to balance our customers’ immediate needs by bringing more capacity into the market. With the arrival of the aircraft, we expect to see improved operational stability and efficiency, as well as enhanced capacity for the convenience of our passengers.”

The wide-bodied aircraft has a capacity for 299 passengers, split into 24 in the business cabin and 275 in the economy class. And as a wide-bodied plane, it augments the existing cargo space with additional belly capacity.