Form One

How to check 2024 Form One placement online

The Ministry of Education has announced that 1.4 million candidates who sat the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) have been placed in schools.

The Form One admission results can either be accessed by visiting the Ministry of Education portal or via the Kemis.

Ministry of Education

  1. Head over to the portal (
  2. Select Form One Selection.
  3. Click on Access Form One Placement: link 1 or Access Form One Placement: link 2.

KEMIS Website

  1. On the KEMIS website, proceed to search Form One placements under the page 2024 Form One Selection and Placement.
  2. Enter the student’s index number and name and click on search.

For any queries, check on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Schools can access their combined list of students placed to their list on the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

According to the CS, candidates who secured more than 400 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) were placed in national and extra-county schools of choice.

The placement exercise kicked off on November 27, with the CS assuring Kenyans that the process would be fair to all the candidates.

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