OPPO green initiatives are driving technological sustainability

At a time when nearly 57% of the global population is using mobile internet, the environmental impact of smart devices cannot be ignored.

In 2023, OPPO has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality across its global operations by 2050. Renowned for its diverse range of smart devices, from smartphones to wearables and cutting-edge XR devices, OPPO is actively fostering innovative solutions in the realm of sustainability. Aligned with its mission, “Technology for Mankind, and Kindness for the World”, OPPO integrates sustainable technologies into its products to minimize environment impact.

An excellent example is OPPO’s self-developed Battery Health Engine, ensuring smartphone batteries maintain over 80% of their original capacity after as many as 1,600 full charge cycles, significantly surpassing the industry average. This not only prolongs the usability of smartphones but also contributed to the reduction of electronic waste.

Additionally, OPPO will introduce a “GO Green” Always-On Display feature in the upcoming ColorOS 14 operating system, encouraging users to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle by visualizing the impact of their daily steps on CO2 emissions.

Beyond focusing on green product design and low-carbon operations, OPPO actively supports innovators in
creating sustainable solutions through technology. This year, OPPO was invited to take part in the COP28
Leadership Interview to share its efforts on integrating technology and innovation into sustainability

In its commitment to combat climate change. OPPO collaborates with more ecosystem partners through
initiatives like the “OPPO Inspiration Challenge”. Launched by the OPPO Research Institute in 2022, this
innovation accelerator calls for virtuous innovation technologies from global tech professionals annually.

In 2023, the program received 687 proposals from 66 countries and regions, with 40% related to technologies
benefiting climate actions. During COP28, OPPO invited one of the winning teams, Bluepha Co., Ltd, a biotech startup developing biodegradable natural organic polymers to replace plastic usage in packaging and various scenarios, to present their green technology to a global audience at the event.

Jason Liao, Head of OPPO Research Institute, said, “Today at OPPO, we firmly believe that technology should not only enrich our lives but also pave the way for a greener future for generations to enjoy. Although in the short term, there are many challenges towards sustainability as a tech company, in the long term, it benefits product innovation and the development of the company. Sustainability is a collective journey that necessitates collaboration from all stakeholders. We maintain an open mind and invite more ecosystem partners to join us in working towards a future shaped by innovation and sustainability.”

OPPO’s vision for a sustainable future involves multifaceted actions spanning manufacturing practices, product design, technological innovation, collaboration, and community engagement. By aligning its actions with its mission, OPPO is dedicated to shaping an innovative and sustainable future for all.