Mpost relocates to Rwanda as it seeks a favorable business environment

Mpost has announced plans to relocate to Rwanda in an effort to seek a favorable business environment. In a statement the startup indicated that there has been a significant shift in its operational landscape which will see it move its headquarters to Kigali, Rwanda, effective November 2023.

MPost’s decision to relocate has been influenced by Rwanda’s conducive environment for tech entrepreneurs. The company further explains, “With its tech ecosystem marked with a vibrant startup community, Rwanda emerges as an ideal landscape for MPost to expand its operations.” The company will be hosted at Norrsken, a Swedish co-working space that opened its hub in Rwanda in 2019.

Mpost, was founded in 2016 by Twahir Mohammed and converts mobile numbers into verifiable virtual addresses that can be used for eCommerce and logistics operations. This helps further streamline postal services.

It currently has operations in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. In Kenya, the startup has collaborated with the Postal Corporation of Kenya (Posta) alongside mobile carrier Safaricom to offer a digitized postal office box.

“We are excited about the opportunities that this strategic move brings, and we are honored to be hosted at Norrsken,” Twahir Mohamed, Founder of MPost commented, “This decision serves as our launchpad into Africa, and we look forward to contributing to Kigali’s thriving business community while leveraging the support and resources available at Norrsken to propel MPost to new heights.”