hair loss

10 home remedies for hair loss

Losing hair is completely normal and it often goes unnoticed. However, some people suffer from severe hair loss due to genetics, age, lack of proper nutrition, styling mistakes, hard water, stress or medication. These factors impede the normal hair growth cycle leading to noticeable hair loss which can be embarrassing and a cause for concern for some.

While there are medical treatments that can help with hair loss, they are usually expensive and out of reach for many. Some home remedies can also help you regrow and restore your hair and they are significantly cheaper than medical treatments.

Whether you want to prevent hair loss or encourage more growth for fuller and healthier hair, there are a number of home remedies for you to try. Here are some.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best oils to keep your hair healthy. It reduces protein loss which can be caused by styling mistakes, health or nutrition. Protein loss causes your hair to become fragile making it easily prone to breakage and shedding. Additionally, coconut oil is loaded with nutrients that nourish the hair and strengthen it. To use, apply coconut oil to your scalp and hair strands then massage gently. Use daily to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a hair loss remedy that has been used for centuries. Today, it’s used both in its pure form and as an active ingredient in shampoos and hair conditioners thanks to its fatty acids and antioxidant properties. These properties can help soothe the scalp and strengthen hair follicles. It also contains nutrients such as Vitamins which lock in moisture keeping your hair moisturized and reducing hair breakage. To use, measure a 1/8 or a ¼ cup of olive oil, pour it directly into your hair and gently massage it into the scalp. Wear a shower cap and let the oil absorb for about 15 minutes. Shampoo your hair to get the oil out then rinse.

Aloe Vera

One of the most common home remedies for hair loss and other beauty-related issues is Aloe Vera. This powerful plant contains fatty acids and Vitamins which have a soothing and healing effect. Whether you have oily or dry hair, you can use Aloe Vera to preserve the integrity of your hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help treat dandruff. The gel also cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping them of natural oils. Aloe Vera is found in many beauty products but the best way to use it is in its raw form. Massage the gel directly to your scalp and leave it for an hour then rinse it.

Onion Juice

Onions are a rich source of Sulphur which is a key component of keratin, a protein that makes up hair. It also helps in the production of collagen. Therefore, onions are essential in maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair loss. You can incorporate them into your diet. However, for quick results, you can onion juice and massage it into your hair and scalp. Simply chop an onion and boil for a few minutes, drain the water into a bottle spray it on your hair and massage. Use it 2 to 3 times a week.

Rice Water

Rice water was used historically in Asian cultures to maintain their long and lustrous hair and thanks to social media, this ancient practice is making a comeback and gaining popularity. This starchy liquid contains a number of nutrients that are good for the hair such as phosphorous, amino acids and magnesium. These components may help in increasing hair volume, shine and strength. To use, wash your rice the drain the milky water into a bottle. Wash your hair then rinse with the rice water. Let it sit for 20 minutes then rinse with ordinary water.

Jojoba Oil

One of the leading causes of hair loss is dryness as it leads to dandruff and split ends which accelerate hair breakage. To prevent this, you can apply jojoba oil to your hair. Jojoba oil is a great addition to your hair care routine as it has an oily composition which keeps the hair and scalp moisturized. However, if you suffer from alopecia or other hair loss disorders, jojoba oil is not reliable for promoting hair growth.

Cayenne Pepper

There are many bizarre hacks that beauty gurus swear by, including using cayenne pepper for hair growth. Cayenne compound contains a compound known as capsaicin which is helpful in hair loss treatments. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, capsaicin may soothe the scalp and prevent hair loss associated with inflammation. Additionally, its slightly spicy flavour can stimulate the receptors in the hair follicles to boost hair growth. To use this remedy, mix a tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Massage it into your scalp and leave for an hour then rinse. Repeat it twice a week.


If you’re rapidly losing hair, especially as a result of stress, try aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of natural treatment that uses aromatic plants to improve overall health and well-being. It’s believed that some essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and rosemary oil stimulates the brain to release chemicals that reduce stress which, in turn, prevents stress-related hair loss.


Apart from keeping your hair moisturized and caring for your scalp, you should also eat foods that promote hair growth. Consuming food lacking certain nutrients can lead to hair loss especially as you get older. This is because the more you age, the more susceptible you are to hair loss. Eating a balanced diet consisting of proteins, iron, and vitamins can help you maintain healthy hair that stands the test of time. Some of the best foods for shiny and strong hair include eggs, pumpkin seeds, spinach, fatty fish, and avocados.


Exercise is essential in preventing hair loss as it boosts blood circulation throughout the body. In particular, experts recommend doing yoga regularly to maintain hair and scalp health. Yoga promotes blood circulation to certain parts of the body including the scalp which encourages the growth of new and healthy hair. Additionally, it’s a great stress reliever which reduces the chances of losing hair from stress.