5 LG devices that you need for a smart home

Advances in technology have brought so much convenience to our lives that at some point it is even hard to think how we used to survive without it. A good example is mobile phones together with Mobile money which have revolutionized the way we communicate and live our lives.

Another technological advancement which is changing the way that we live our lives is smart home appliances. A smart home can be described as a home that is equipped with lighting, heating, cooking and electronic devices that can be controlled using a smartphone.

One of the companies which have made significant strides in smart home devices is LG. In this article, we will have a look at some of them and how they make our lives better.


In the LG Tv line up they have smart TVs that feature an a7 Gen4 AI Processor which has deep learning algorithms that are able to analyze the content that you normally watch. Using this data, the algorithm is able to accurately suggest shows you will likely enjoy watching based on your viewing patterns.

Other than content suggestions, the AI is able to make make automatic adjustments for the best picture and sound quality in accordance with your viewing environment thereby making the viewing experience top notch.

It also come with a voice recognition feature that enables you to control your TV with simple commands. As well as a home dashboard that displays the status of your other smart home appliances.  This enable you to receive notifications of any situation that you should be aware of, such as the fridge door being open and the remaining time for the washing cycle to end.

Smart Refrigerators


Fridges have become an essential part of a home because they allow us to keep our food fresh over a period of time. This means that one can even be able to precook meals and store them essentially reducing the hustle of having to cook on a daily basis after a long day at work.

The LG smart fridge comes in handy because it allows you to even control the temperature remotely via their ThinQ app. This works for those instances when some perishables require some extra cooling. The ThinQ app can also send you alerts when the door of the fridge is left open so that you don’t lose your cool.

A fridge just like any other electronic is bound to experience wear and tear. However, when this happens it is important to be able to determine what exactly is wrong to guide the technician. Using the ThinQ app, one is able to get accurate diagnostics hence reducing the time and cost of repairing the fridge.



If you are like me who loves experimenting with various dishes, then you are in a for a treat with the LG Microwave oven. Rather than having to scour the internet for cooking instructions for say an interesting dish that you stumbled upon at the supermarket. With the LG oven, one can Simply scan the barcode on various ready-to-cook or frozen meals to automatically send cooking instructions straight to your oven. You can even save scanned meals to “My Recipes” in the LG ThinQ app.

Another thing that I loved about this oven is the fact that one can customize the setting to your personal cooking preferences. The settings can also be saved on the LG ThinQ app for future reference making cooking all the more easier.

Washing Machine


I have to say that due to my hectic lifestyle, I am not a fan of doing laundry. As such I am forever grateful for the invention of the washing machine because it has made life all the more easier.

The LG smart washing machine has taken things a notch higher by enabling one to start and stop wash cycles remotely via the ThinQ app. This means that you can even start the laundry process on the way from work such that you get there just in time to take it out. The app also enables you to receive notifications when the laundry is done and reminders about scheduled maintenance. Not to mention the fact that it is able to identify your laundry’s fabric type and recommend the best laundry course for it. How cool is that?

Air Conditioner


Climate change has meant that nowadays days are much hotter than they used to be. This means that those who live in coastal areas or place with extreme heat have to make do with an air conditioning system.

The DUALCOOL Inverter LG Air Conditioner enables you to turn it on remotely on your smartphone as you head home on an unbearably hot day so it’s cool and comfortable when you arrive. You can also start and stop the cooling process, change the mode or set the temperature remotely, all from your ThinQ app.

So, it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with LG Smart Home appliances.