BantuBet to sponsor street football and basketball tournaments

BantuBet, an Angolan betting company has promised to invest in street football and basketball tournaments together with the highest bonuses in sports betting to date.

BantuBet, was founded by Angola’s sports entertainment guru Jonathan Da Silva. It is known for its investment in Angola’s youth through entertaining, high profile street sports tournaments.

Championing a community focused approach, which aims to empower economically challenged neighborhoods through sports. BantuBet has a clear methodology towards positively impacting carefully selected beneficiary communities. Using sports as an entry point to provide support to a community for a period of several months at a time, BantuBet’s way of giving back to the community promises unforgettable sports experiences for Kenyan communities throughout the country and much more.

By creating high profile community sports platforms aimed at engaging and challenging talented youth to compete in a secure environment supported by their peers. BantuBet positively engages a community for the length of the tournament, which can often run for several weeks or months.

Backed by entertainment from musical artists and DJs, colourful street football and street basketball tournaments, they bring together over 20 teams per tournament, offering significant cash prizes to the winning teams.

BantuBet places great value on offering exposure to the youth playing in the street tournaments. Ensuring that leading national football or basketball players, as well as trainers, managers, and sports journalists, attend the games and keep an eye out for undiscovered talent.

BantuBet Kenya Operations Manager, Gabriel Musyoka, explains that “BantuBet’s community focused Corporate Social Responsibility plans for Kenya, for which we have allocated a significant budget, are aligned with all new policies and compliant with all regulations, set forth by the Betting Control and Licencing Board (BCLB), with whom we will be working hand in hand for the benefit of Kenyans.”

“Our aim is to support the community, and we do this by engaging the youth through competitive sports, while always making sure at the same time to support those in the community who cannot support themselves. I know that BantuBet will find a warm, welcoming home in Kenya and I am excited about what is to come” says Da Silva adding that “BantuBet’s commitment to the community extends beyond philanthropy. The name ‘Bantu’ holds powerful cultural significance in Africa and the company’s founders, who are Africans themselves, created BantuBet with the vision of empowering the continent and its people through creativity, innovation, and opportunities.”

Additionally, all direct and indirect jobs created by the BantuBet street tournaments, including all protocol, logistics, and security requirements as well as any other income generating activities presented through the tournaments, are given to the host community.