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Zone01 Kisumu to offer a fully funded software development course

Zone01 Kisumu has announced that it will be launching a fully funded software development course in Kisumu County. The program which will be launched in September is a partnership with 01 Talent Africa, LakeHub the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLGA), and the County government of Kisumu.

Zone01 Kisumu is building the future of employment by providing a means for young people to achieve excellence in the tech industry. This will make Kisumu the first county to host the first digital 01Talent intelligence center in East Africa.

The program was launched due to the realization that every year in Africa, 20 million young people join the job market having passed through the existing learning systems that are often expensive, ineffective, and poorly related to employment. This increasing digital divide is leaving behind the most vulnerable population and emphasizes the challenges we face.

The free training offered is entirely teacherless and gamified. It’s also based on a peer-to-peer learning model that enables learners to acquire world-class coding skills over a period of up to 3 years while also receiving sustenance stipends. Zone01 Kisumu learners will also be guaranteed an employment contract for 3 years or more with our global Talent Agency.

Moreover, the training will provide first-rate education regardless of experience or background. Be they early career starters, career switchers or returners, and experienced professionals who are looking for a mid-career refresh or returning from an absence, we will provide them with the necessary skills to thrive in the job market of the future.

The training will offer opportunities for learners to specialize in the high-demand technology fields of Cyber Security; Blockchain Development, Data Engineering, Game Development; Artificial Intelligence; and Web App Development.

You can apply for Zone01 Kisumu here and start playing online games to reveal your potential.