7 fun things to do in Kampala

Kampala is the definition of small but mighty. The small city nestled within the iconic seven hills offers breathtaking scenic beauty and unique wildlife. It’s also home to a rich history that dates back to the 14th century and a vibrant population that has made Kampala the city it is today.

With a nightlife that rivals many big cities in the continent, Kampala has quickly become the go-to travel destination for both young and old people looking to unwind without breaking the bank. It has great and affordable entertainment spots, accommodation spots, beautiful scenery and tourist attractions. Most importantly, it has an abundance of activities to do to make your visit enjoyable.

Here are some things to do in Kampala.

Visit The Basilica Of The Uganda Martyrs

Uganda Martyrs Museum, Namugongo

The Basilica Of The Uganda Martyrs holds a significant religious meaning to Catholics and Christians all over the world. It was built in memory of the martyrs who were killed due to their faith. The basilica is a short distance from the site of the burning death of two of the martyrs. Every year, the martyrs are honoured at the Basilica and pilgrims travel from countries like the US, Nigeria, Mexico, Malawi, and Italy to attend the ceremony. However, you can visit the site any day of the week.

Dine At The 2K Restaurant


Food is a big part of the experience in Kampala and Uganda as a whole. The country is known for its traditional dishes which can be found at various local spots. However, 2K Restaurant is by far the most popular place for traditional Ugandan dishes at affordable prices. The restaurant also prides itself in using fresh products and natural flavors which give their dishes an intense and delicious taste.

Visit The Kasubi Tombs


This burial ground of the Kabaka Kings and other members of the royal family is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a reminder of the once-thriving Buganda kingdom. Four Kabaka kings lie inside the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga, the main building, which is circular with a thatched dome roof. Though not much remains from that time, the tombs have been well kept giving visitors an insight into the culture of the Baganda people.

Take A Boda Boda Tour


Enjoy the city’s unique scenery on a boda-boda ride. Boda bodas are the most authentic way to get around the city, especially for visitors. The rider will take you through the streets and up the hills to your final destination saving you a lot of hassle and money. However, you should be prepared for the madness that ensues when riding a boda boda. Make sure you hail a trusted boda boda rider and request them to ride more cautiously.

Go Market Shopping


Shopping is another way to experience the city’s vibe. Whether you need souvenirs, groceries or clothes, you can stop by one of the city’s markets and pick up whatever you need. One of the best places to find colourful African souvenirs is the Crafts Centre on Buganda Road. Malls like Acacia Mall or Freedom City Mall are great places to do some grocery shopping and dine at restaurants like KFC and Java.

Watch Cultural Dances At Ndere Cultural Center


If you want to witness the variety of cultures in Uganda, visit the Ndere Cultural Centre. They offer a wide range of shows that celebrate different cultures through music and dance. Led by a team of professional dancers, the shows are guaranteed to leave you entertained and longing for more. You can book a show through their website.

Enjoy The Nightlife


You can’t leave this city without getting a taste of its famous nightlife. Once the sun goes down, the city comes alive with enthusiastic revellers. There are numerous entertainment joints within the city. However, the main strip of bars and clubs can be found along Acacia Ave. You’ll find popular clubs like Bubbles O’Learys-Irish pub and Big Mike’s bar and nightclub, which regularly showcases excellent local bands.