Chef Zeinab Azizurehman emerges as the winner at the Air France and Art Caffe Bake-off 2023 competition

Chef Zeinab Azizurehman has emerged as the winner of the Air France and Art Caffe Bake-off 2023 competition. Aimed at supporting local talent and, fusing and showcasing French and Kenyan cultures, the competition also marked Air France’s 5th anniversary in Kenya since resuming the Paris-Nairobi route in 2018.

The competition dubbed the croissant fuse-off attracted 25 participants and saw three of them Chantelle Githinji, Nekesa Masibo, and Zeinab Azizurehman make it to the finals. Zeinab Azizurehman emerged as the winner, having baked a croissant with Baobab Cream filling. The participants were required to make a croissant fusing French and Kenyan cuisine.

“Baobab is a fruit that is found along the coastal and eastern regions of Kenya as a superfood. There are many benefits of this delicious food that can be made into juice, popsicles, candy, or even as a calcium supplement. Inspired by its versatility, I aimed to highlight its use of it as a unique element that can be used in the fusion pastries and pastry fillings” said Zeinab as she expressed her gratitude for winning the Bake-off Prize – a return Premier economy ticket to Paris.

Air France KLM Country Sales Manager for Kenya and offline markets Hildabeta Amiani, had this to say, “This partnership is a chance to bring the same experience to the local community by ensuring their talents and expertise is felt hence the thought to fuse Kenyan and French cuisine. Over the years, our customers have enjoyed French cuisine in all our journeys. However, we are selling the globe to customers not just Europe and this starts by creating exposure for local talents internationally. As a business, we look forward to more partnerships with local businesses so that we can bring our brand close to the communities we serve.”

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