Syinix Tv Black Friday deals to look out for in the Kenyan market

Advances in technology have meant that Tvs with better and advanced features keep getting released every other day. However, the biggest drawback for many people who want to upgrade their Tvs has been cost.

This has unfortunately meant that a good number of people have gotten stuck with old Tv sets or upgraded to some of the cheaper options available which don’t have the latest technology. However, this changed earlier this year with the launch of the Syinix Tv series, a top of the line Tv which is made specifically for the African market.

The Syinix Tv series stands out from the competition due to the fact that not only is it affordable at Ksh. 36,000 for the 43 Inch Tv but it comes with the latest features that ensure that you will definitely enjoy having it in your living room.

Some of the key features of the Syinix  includes;

Dolby Audio

A large part of a good viewing experience is having sound which is able to provide you with an immersive experience while watching your movies or listening to music. Towards this, Syinix comes with equipped with Dolby Atmos Surround sound which is the best in the industry.

For those who may not know, Atmos, a surround-sound technology, works by widening the previous 5.1 and 7.1 surround-sound configurations by adding surround channels that emanate from above, encircling the listeners in a canopy of audio for the best viewing experience.

Android 11 and Voice Remote

Syinix Tvs come equipped with the latest Google Android 11 OS which is capable of operating internet based applications such as Youtube, Netflix and any other Tv oriented application that one may want to download from the Play Store. This means that you don’t have to incur expenses buying an Android Box in order to enjoy some of these services which is a definite plus.

Syinix has also incorporated the Google Assistant in the remote such that a user can be able to control the Tv using the Voice Control Module otherwise known as the Voice Remote.

Voltage Protection

When purchasing a Tv, one of the other key purchases a majority of the people make is a power guard. This works in protecting the Tv in the event that there is a power fluctuation.

The Syinix Tv Series comes with a built-in power stabilizer which guarantees protection from power surges at all times. This means that not only are they saving you money that could have been used to buy a stabilizer but also ensuring that you will be able to use your Tv for a long time.

Vivid Pictures

The Syinix 43 inch Tv comes with 2K resolution which ensures that you get crispy images. That’s not all, to enhance the viewing experience, the Tv comes fitted with AI technology.  This combined with Standard Resolution technology (AI + SR) and Super Vision works together to give a viewer a feast for their eyes.


As I had mentioned earlier, a good number of people stick with their old Tvs not because they would not like to upgrade but simple because it costs an arm and a leg to upgrade to one with the latest features.

Syinix enables one to upgrade their Tvs to the latest technology in the market while not denting your pocket. Case in point, the 32 inch Tv costs Ksh. 23,999 while the 43 inch Tv costs Ksh. 36,000 which is quite affordable as compared to the competition.

To ensure that you get to enjoy your  viewing experience, the guys at Syinix given a whooping 50% discount on their Tvs during Black Friday!!

Check out the discounted prices below;

  • 32 Inch Digital Tv – Ksh. 11,599
  • 32 inch smart Tv – Ksh. 12,599
  • 32 inch Adroid Tv – Ksh. 16,999
  • 42 inch Android Tv – Ksh. 24,999
  • 50 inch Android Tv – Ksh. 42,999
  • 55 inch Adroid Tv – Ksh. 53,999

With these prices, you don’t have an excuse for not upgrading your Tv this time around. The Syinix Black Friday sale which is currently ongoing ends on 2nd December, so hurry while stocks last!!