MFS Africa a Pan African digital payments company is set to acquire U.S based Global Technology Partners

MFS Africa, a Pan-African digital payments company is acquiring U.S.-based Global Technology Partners (GTP) in a cash-and-shares deal worth $34 million.

MFS Africa infrastructure merges fragmented and disparate payment schemes across Africa into one seamless network so individuals and businesses within mobile money ecosystems can transact across borders and currencies. The Africa-focused and London-based company connects more than 320 million mobile money wallets across 35+ African countries and 700 corridors.

However, millions of Africans can’t still use their mobile money accounts to pay for subscription-based services run by international companies such as Netflix and Amazon.
On the other hand, GTP is a developer of prepaid and mobile payment software. Its prepaid and mobile payment platform integrates several prepaid cards with a single bank account and allows users to make prepaid payments for online shopping and ATMs. The acquisition gives MFS Africa an avenue to issue prepaid cards to its customers so they can perform these tasks.

MFS Africa CEO Dare Okoudjou said, “It’s mostly for international e-commerce platforms, which are not able or willing to create the user experience that will accept mobile,” . He also mentioned that MFS had struck a deal with Spotify to allow the music subscription company to accept mobile payments from customers in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

More than 500,000 clients in over 30 countries use GTP prepaid cards. With MFS Africa’s merger, the total clientele reach could reach several millions, Okoudjou said. The acquisition also helps MFS to “expand its activities in the U.S.,” he added.

The fintech, which raised $100 million in equity and debt, has made several acquisitions in its bid to become a true pan-African player. These includes its acquisition of Baxi, an agent banking platform, however, buying GTS is its first purchase beyond the continent. Other African fintechs such as Chipper Cash and Flutterwave have explored expansion into the U.S.