Sound and battery life are what makes the LG XBoom speakers a must have

A party is simply not a party without music, the louder the better. The introduction of portable speakers into the party scene means that one can be able to throw it down anywhere and anytime even in the middle of nowhere. One brand of portable speakers which has made an impression on us is the LG XBoom speakers.

This is simply because one of the key considerations when one is looking for a portable speaker is battery life and sound quality. Being that it is a portable speaker, a bigger battery means that it can hold charge for longer ensuring that the party does not stop. Sound quality is also important because it determines how enjoyable the music will be.

With the recently launched XBoom series of speakers, LG has ensured that we have gotten the best of both worlds. Two of the new models such as the XL7 and XL5 seek to build on the brands’ reputation for consistently delivering powerful, high-quality sound systems.

The XL7 comes with a 8 inch woofer with a 250W rating for that powerful bass and two 2.5 inch tweeter speakers for a well-balanced sound. Whereas the XL5 comes with a 6.5-inch woofer that has a rating of 200W and two 2.5 inch tweeter speakers. The speakers are essentially built to rock a crowd and fill bigger spaces with sound. A sound boost mode on the speaker results in a more powerful bass that can be felt even at low volumes.

The speaker also has a karaoke mode for those times when you feel like signing your heart out. The speaker actually come with an input for a mic and guitar for the best sound. Once you plugin the mic and the guitar, you can be able to choose various vocal effects on the app. A DJ Mode lets you to add  flanger effects, turntable scratch sounds, and drum sample hits which add to the life of the party.

To ensure that the speaker does not go off unceremoniously, it comes with a battery big enough to ensure that you can play music for 20 hours nonstop. Given the fact that the speaker comes with LED lights the 20 hours playtime is quite commendable. It takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully which is not too bad.

This combination of good sound and battery life is what makes the LG XBoom series of speakers stand out from the competition. So, if you are in the market for a portable speaker than can literally rock the crowd. Look no further than the XL7 and XL5.