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10 affordable takeout restaurants in Nairobi

We’ve all had moments where we were too busy or too lazy to cook or had unexpected guests arrive and didn’t know what to serve them. While fast food joints like KFC and Pizza Inn can save the day, nothing beats real food. The emergence of affordable takeout restaurants has made it possible for people to enjoy real, home-cooked meals without the hassle of having to get in the kitchen themselves.

Both trained and self-taught chefs have tapped into the growing demand for food delivery in the city, offering affordable and freshly prepared food. Having these affordable takeout restaurants is super convenient and should be on your speed dial.

Whether you’re too busy to cook or simply want delicious home-cooked meals delivered to you, these affordable takeout restaurants will come through for you.

Hot Dishes

Hot Dishes is an affordable takeout restaurant that has been serving fresh food to everyday citizens since 2006. Though they’re a fairly large establishment, they haven’t compromised on their food quality. They take pride in being one of the few restaurants that use vegetable oil to prepare their meals giving them that homey taste. Additionally, they use fresh produce sourced from the market every day. For deliveries, you can contact them on any of the following phone numbers; 0782 333 333 (Westlands), 0782 333 444 (Bruce House), 0782 333 555 (Kimathi), 0720 352 352 (Accra), 0799 10 99 39 (Koinange)

Benida’s Steak House

Are you craving some chicken curry or goat stew with mukimo? Well, you can get these and more delicious meals at Benida’s Steak House. This takeout restaurant specializes in many popular dishes including chips and hot dogs. Their most popular dishes are chicken biryani, kuku chipo mixed grill and pork chipo mixed grill which all cost Ksh 650. You can find them on Uber Eats to make your order.

The Big Fish

The Big Fish is a veteran in the food delivery business.  It’s owned by a popular social media user known as Osumo who leveraged his social media presence to grow his business. Today, the restaurant is a household name and a favourite for many looking to enjoy a plate of fish. They have two physical locations on Garden Estate Rd off Thika Superhighway, and on Church Rd, Westlands which operate daily. You can also have your order delivered to your home or workplace by contacting them at 0715148388.

Mlolwa’s Swahili Dinner

From viazi karai to bhajia, this is the home of authentic Swahili dishes delivered right to your doorstep. M. Swahili Dinners offers a wide range of catering services including deliveries and meal preps. For deliveries, select the meal you want from their menu, then WhatsApp them on 0793394634 with the quality and delivery time. All orders are taken the previous day by 7.00 pm. Make your payment and await delivery.

Pwani Delights

Swahili food is one of the most delicious cuisines but it’s also one of the hardest to prepare. You can try as much as possible to make a Swahili dish but it never comes out the same. Worry not, though. There are so many takeout restaurants in Nairobi that specialize in Swahili food. Pwani Delights is one of the many coastal fusion restaurants in Nairobi. When you crave biryani or pilau, you can simply call or WhatsApp them on 0710899653 and they will deliver whatever you need.

Mama Ntilie

As mentioned, there’s no shortage of Swahili restaurants in the city and we’re not complaining. Mama Ntilie offers a wide range of Swahili dishes including chicken biryani, chapatti and coconut beans, and fish and ugali. They also have snacks like mahamri, samosa and cutlets. The dishes are presented and packed well and delivered to you within minutes to an hour depending on your location. To order, call, text or WhatsApp them at 0708616450.

Bite Me Burgers

Nothing slaps harder than a burger made with fresh ingredients. Bite Me Burgers is a cloud kitchen that specializes in homemade burgers. They use high-quality ingredients which makes their burgers different from most fast-food joints. Additionally, the burgers are super affordable, ranging from Ksh 300 to Ksh 650. To order, you can contact them on 0708 699 747.

Uncle Nene’s Kitchen

You can count on Uncle Nene’s Kitchen to serve some of the best burgers in town. They have a wide range of gourmet burgers such as a chicken jalapeno burger and beef bacon burger. They also have lots of offers like free deliveries from two or more burgers. If you haven’t had their burgers yet, then you’re missing out. They are open from Monday to Saturday till 7 pm. Call 0736713761 to make your order.

Joe’s Wings

Joe’s Wings has grown to become one of the most sought-after wing spots in Nairobi. Very few places rival their fresh and finger-licking wings. Not to mention, they have generous portions at pocket-friendly prices. If you’re not a fan of chicken wings, you can get a juicy burger or hotdog which are equally delicious. To make your order, call or WhatsApp 0790151815 or 0793601627

Pork Pit

There’s no shortage of pork joints in Nairobi and its environs. However, Pork Pit has managed to stand out in the crowd thanks to its top-notch food. They specialize in pork dishes served with a wide variety of sides such as ugali, mukimo, chips and plantain. In case you don’t eat pork, they also offer burgers and chicken wings. To order, call 0706110000 or 0758693222.

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