10 awesome Airbnb’s in Mombasa and Diani

Mombasa and Diani have been hotspots for tourism in Kenya for a long time. These neighboring coastal towns boast beautiful beaches and historical landmarks that have attracted visitors from all over the world. They’re also home to some of the best accommodation options in the country including stunning Airbnb’s.

The region has seen a growth in Airbnb business over the last few years due to their affordability and flexibility. If you’re planning on staying in Mombasa or Diani, there are a large number of beguiling Airbnb properties to choose from for both short-term and long-term stays.

From serviced apartments to lavish villas, here are some awesome Airbnb’s you can find in Mombasa and Diani.

Green House, Nyali


Located at GN Apartments, off Links Road, the Green House is a cosy, 1-bedroom apartment that offers guests stress-free and pleasant accommodation for short-term and long-term stays. Many of the guests who have stayed here have a lot of good things to say about both the property and the host which has earned it a Guest Favourite badge with a 4.95 rating on the Airbnb app. It’s clean and the host is very responsive. It also has provisions for people with a young child such as a high chair and children’s dinnerware. It costs $35 per night.

Cowrieshell Beach Apartment, Bamburi


Finding an affordable Airbnb with a pool is not easy. However, this beautiful serviced studio is located in an apartment complex with a pool that is accessible to up to 5 guests. Additionally, the building has a beachfront which you can access. The room and utensils are cleaned daily which is part of the cost. It also accommodates 2 adults and a child or three adults since it’s furnished with a queen bed and a single bed. It costs $42 per night.

Luxe Apartment, Nyali


Sea La Vie is truly a luxurious property with modern finishes and beautiful décor. The 2-bedroom apartment offers the perfect accommodation for a group of friends or family looking to have a quiet and relaxing beach getaway. From the moment you get into this property, you’re greeted by a stunning Swahili-style décor on the wall. The kitchen is fitted with modern appliances and each bedroom is ensuite. You can access the rooftop pool where you also get to enjoy a panoramic view of the beach. It costs $ 85 per night.

Hadzo Place, Nyali


For those who want to stay in a place that reminds them that they are in Mombasa, this 2-bedroom apartment has exactly what you’re looking for. It boasts of an airy living room with elegant décor inspired by the Mijikenda culture. Spaces are divided by bamboo sticks, furniture is made from wood and the balcony is lined with makuti leaves providing the perfect ambience to enjoy the coastal weather and food. It costs $50 per night.

Apartment In Nyali


This 1-bedroom apartment in Nyali is perfect for a couple or a solo traveller. It’s beautifully decorated with a modern coastal theme and has several amenities including a furnished kitchen, 55-inch TV with Netflix, Wi-Fi, cleaning products, balcony and parking lot. It is also located in a secure area and near several tourist attractions including Nyali Beach, Mamba Village and Wild Waters. It costs $23 per night.

NamasteDiani, Diani


You will find more luxurious accommodation in Diani which is roughly 40km from Mombasa. NamasteDiani is one of the high-end Airbnbs in the location where a couple or solo traveller can enjoy an unforgettable stay. This 1-bedroom private beachside property offers a number of amenities such as a pool and direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It also maintains a high standard of cleanliness both in the house and around the compound which has lots of greenery. It costs $125 per night.

Ahana Villa, Diani


If you’re looking for somewhere to host a special occasion such as a birthday or bridal shower, look no further. This classic villa accommodates up to 10 guests on an exclusive basis meaning that the entire property is rented out to one group or individual at a time and gives them full access to the 5-bedroom property when they book it. It sits on a 5-acre beachfront land giving you and other guests enough space to roam around. You can also take a deep in the pool while the chef prepares a sumptuous meal for you. However, it’s important to note that the property doesn’t allow outside guests in. It costs $850 per night.

Monkey Suites, Diani


Monkey Suites is a tranquil getaway spot that is ideal for couples and solo travellers. Its beautiful surroundings coupled with warm Swahili-style finishing give the property a warm and inviting feel. It gets its name, Monkey Suites, thanks to the presence of monkeys in the areas which you can spot while relaxing under the trees. When it gets too hot, you can either enjoy a deep in the pool or take a stroll to the beach and swim in the turquoise blue ocean. It costs $170 per night.

Sultan Saka Villa, Diani


Sultan Saka Villa offers a more affordable stay with high-end amenities. The villa boasts of minimalist mix of Arabic and European design, friendly staff, massage and spa services, a pool and access to the beach. Guests can prepare their own food or ask the chef to prepare for them at an additional cost. They also have provisions for barbecuing. However, parties and large gatherings are not allowed. You also have to recharge your own electricity. It costs $86 per night, per person.

River Sunset Luxury Villa, Diani


If you’re a lover of African architecture, you’ll love this thatch-roofed 1-bedroom luxury villa. The tree house design matches perfectly with the surrounding landscape making you feel like you’re staying in a jungle. However, the highlight of the property is the views from the upper floor which is where guests stay. It has a breathtaking view of the Kongo River where you can watch fishermen or go fishing yourself. Other amenities include a pool and a well-maintained garden. The host and his family are also friendly and make the guests feel welcome. It costs $35 per night.

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