Camon 20

Tecno launches the Camon 20 Mr Doodle Edition in the Kenyan market

TECNO has launched the CAMON 20 Series Mr Doodle Edition in the Kenyan market.  The phone is a new addition to the CAMON 20 Series designed in collaboration with the graffiti artist Mr Doodle.

The phone adopts the moon phase color changing technology, combining Mr Doodle’s graffiti paintings with CAMON 20’s unique 3D design. The back cover absorbs light during the daytime and releases it as fluorescence at night, allowing the phone’s back to display Mr Doodle’s graffiti works. The unique design of CAMON 20 Series Mr Doodle Edition makes it a fashion icon during the day and an eye-catcher at night, making it a true master that combines fashion and art.

Mr Doodle, otherwise known as UK-based artist Sam Cox, has been interested in graffiti since he was 2 years old and started his doodle journey from his furniture to his bedroom. His signature slogan is to leave no corner undoodled and he won’t stop until he has filled every blank space with his markers. His large-scale doodle art installations have garnered over 36 million views online, making him an internet sensation. To him, anything can be a canvas, and he dreams of covering the moon with his doodles. Today, with millions of followers on Instagram and collaborations with world-renowned fashion brands such as Adidas and Fendi, he releases co-branded fashion products, making him one of the hottest millennial art pioneers today.

Following the industry’s first CAMON PUZZLE deconstructionist design of TECNO CAMON 20 series, the back cover of TECNO CAMON 20 Mr Doodle Edition is constructed from a 3D PGI material and applies 3D diamond cutting design technique. This gives the surface a three-dimensional effect that reflects light from different angles, creating a dazzling diamond-like shine. In addition, the moon phase color changing technology TECNO CAMON 20 Mr Doodle Edition adopted enables the back cover refract light from its diamond-like surface in dark environment and display the Mr Doodle’s graffiti painting. TECNO CAMON 20 Mr Doodle Edition also comes with Mr Doodle graffiti style customized wallpaper, AR SHOT and AOD, bringing users more surprise beyond looks.

“TECNO CAMON series has always been committed to embracing art with innovative technology that constantly breaks boundaries, and bringing consumers products both artistic and high-tech. This is in line with Mr Doodle’s creative spirit of leaving no blank undoodled. We hope the masterpiece which combined both TECNO and Mr Doodle’s joint efforts, will bring users innovative experience. ” said Mr. Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO, “TECNO also expects to encourage individuals to follow Mr Doodle’s creating spirit, and to show the fashion attitude and capture wonderful moments without leaving any blank.”

It was a great experience working with TECNO to produce the CAMON 20 Series Mr Doodle Edition, said Mr Doodle. I am always looking for new ways to bring my designs to life and to bring joy through my work. TECNOs philosophy of uniting the worlds of art, innovation and technology with modern, stylish designs is really inspiring to me. Based on this consensus, I just let my hand to the happy work and was able to incorporate my usual flowing lines, happy characters and abstract details and with a particular focus on technology as a general theme to the content. It’s very exciting to see the beauty of graffiti art that can be shared with more people through TECNO’s innovative product”.

TECNO CAMON 20 Series Mr Doodle Edition reflects TECNOs ambition to push the limits of both artistic and technological possibilities. Through continuous innovation, the series delivers not only a one-of-a-kind design, but also advanced, professional photography capabilities and exceptional user experience. Empowering users to capture special moments in stunning detail, TECNO CAMON 20 Series Mr Doodle Edition boasts Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking Technology and 50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive Sensor for crystal-clear portraits even in low light.

TECNO CAMON 20 Series Mr Doodle Edition is made up of the CAMON 20 Premier 5G Mr Doodle Edition, CAMON 20 Pro 5G Mr Doodle Edition and CAMON 20 Pro Mr Doodle Edition. All devices will be in store starting 20th September 2023.

The series will retail at.

  • Camon 20 Premier 5G edition – Ksh. 61,999
  • Camon 20 Pro 5G – Ksh. 44,999
  • Camon 20 Pro – Ksh. 35,499
  • Camon 20 – Ksh. 28,499