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7 best food markets in Nairobi

People who buy fresh and organic produce know how difficult and expensive it can be to find the best products at the local grocery shop. If you want to save money and get the best products, it’s best to go to the food markets in the city. Nairobi is home to vibrant food markets that cater to diverse cultures with different culinary needs. From fruits and flowers to spices and herbs, you can find almost anything you’re looking for in these markets. The best part is that most of these markets have very good prices compared to supermarkets or local grocery stores.

Here are some of the best food markets in Nairobi.

 RightEats Food Market

If you’re a resident of Gigiri or its environs and are wondering where to shop for fresh produce, you should visit the RightEats Food Market. This market prides itself in being a one-stop store with all the goodness you need such as cheese variants, meats, bread, pastries, spreads, grains, organic fresh farm produce, eggs, honey, frozen food items, pre-made food items, honey, organic milk, oils, dried fruits, flours, dried culinary herbs, coffee, teas and much more. It opens every Saturday and Sunday.

City Market

City Market is located in the heart of the city and is managed by the Nairobi city council. Once you approach the market, you will be greeted by a strong fishy smell which Nairobians have grown to love. The market is a collection of individual stalls where vendors sell fruits, meat, fish and flowers. However, the market has vendors selling African décor pieces such as wood carvings and paintings.

Fig Tree Food Market

Fig Tree is a popular market for both raw and ready foods. It’s known for its affordable prices and fresh produce offering people fresh vegetables, grains, and fruit that aren’t commonly found in other markets. The best part is that there are many vendors which gives shoppers the opportunity to find the best products at the best prices. It’s located in Ngara and is open every day of the week.

Nairobi’s Farmers Market

Nairobi Farmers Market is one of the best food markets in the city. It’s the first of its kind where farm produce comes directly from the market. Farmers are also vetted to ensure they follow good agricultural practices. This ensures that consumers get the best and freshest products at affordable prices since there are no middlemen who hike up the prices. Additionally, the market is well maintained which gives shoppers a pleasant experience. They do deliveries all over Nairobi and its environs.

Valley Vegetable Market

Located in Valley Arcade Shopping Center, Valley Vegetable Market has been selling fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables to the community since 1973. It’s a great place to shop for imported produce such as grapefruit, pears and tangerine at affordable prices. In case you can’t go to the physical market, you can shop online and get your groceries delivered through Glovo and Jumia.

Organic Farmers Market

Organic Farmers Market prides itself on being a delightful blend of enjoyment, serendipity, and pure magic. It serves Nairobi residents in Karen, Kilimani and its environs. On Saturday, it is located in Karen, Marula Lane 16. On Sundays, the market is located in Kilimani, inside Kilimani Primary School. It offers a wide variety of farm fresh produce that are grown and handpicked by different farmers and entrepreneurs at the market. It’s also a great place to interact with other shoppers or have a family fun day.

Burma Market

Burma market is one of the oldest food markets in Nairobi and is famous for its high-quality and affordable meats and meat products. From beef and fish to liver and tripe, there are all sorts of fresh meats at this place which are available at wholesale prices. It’s majorly a wholesale depot serving butchers all over Nairobi. However, you can get wholesale meat whether or not you’re a butcher. Just make sure you have a large freezer to store the meat. You can also enjoy ready meat at good prices and generous portions.