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Equity Bank integrates Western Union services on its Equity Mobile App

Equity Bank has announced that it has integrated Western Union services on its Equity Mobile App and Equity Online banking suites as part of the Bank’s efforts to enhance its digital banking offering.

This partnership will allow customers to conveniently send and receive international money transfers, through Western Union, straight from their devices.

Equity Bank (Kenya) Ltd customers can now send funds through Equity Mobile App or Equity Online directly to the receiver’s bank account around the world.

Equity customers can also receive money conveniently, from almost anywhere around the world, by simply inputting the tracking number (MTCN) and other relevant details on the app. The money transfer can be deposited into the receivers preferred Equity bank account.

 Equity Bank Kenya Managing Director, Gerald Warui said, “We are determined to continue leveraging on partnerships and technology to improve consumer experiences at all our customer touchpoints. This integration with Western Union is aligned to our goal of making banking a lifestyle, giving customers convenience, freedom of choice and control as they carry out their transactions.”

The Bank’s aggressive digital strategy has also seen it enhance digital banking, focusing on mobile technologies, internet, and artificial intelligence to drive safety and online channel experience.

By offering Western Union international money transfer services on Equity Mobile App and Equity Online, Equity further extends its digital service offering enabling millions of customers to send and receive cross-border payments through the platform, quickly, conveniently, and reliably, at any time of the day or night.