Samsung attains ISO 22301 Certificate for its Device Solutions Division

Samsung Electronics has announced that its Device Solutions (DS) Division attained the ISO 22301 Certificate, the international standard for Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

The ISO 22301, awarded to Samsung by the British Standards Institution (BSI), certifies that an organization’s ability to resume its business after a crisis, or its resilience, meets global standards.

A BCMS helps organizations secure business continuity by systematically laying out the steps to resume their business after an unexpected crisis or disaster. The system not only deals with the initial emergency response, but also focuses on recovering and resuming its core business activities in the shortest possible time frame. The ISO 22301 is the international standard for BCMS, representing the highest level of commitment to business continuity and disaster preparedness.

Samsung Electronics worked to advance its BCMS for Hwaseong Campus to meet global standards, to better deal with the rapidly changing global environment and enhance the level of trust between Samsung and its customers. As part of this process, Samsung evaluated the risks that could affect its chip business and prepared for them through precautionary exercises such as an emergency drill.

Having received global recognition of its business resilience with the ISO 22301 certification, customer confidence in Samsung is expected to grow. Samsung is planning to attain ISO 22301 certifications for its other semiconductor campuses in Korea and abroad from this year.

“We will continue to enhance our business resilience and maintain a robust business continuity management system to handle not only conventional crises but also newly emerging issues such as global supply chain disturbance,” said Taeyang Yoon, Executive Vice President and Chief Safety Officer (CSO) of DS Division at Samsung Electronics. “Through these efforts, our customers can rely on our leading semiconductor technology even in the most unexpected circumstances.”

“Samsung showed strong will in having a robust business continuity management system, and displayed world-class crisis monitoring and response capabilities,” said SeongHwan Lim, Chief Operating Officer of BSI Korea.