Here is how to reverse a wrong M-PESA transaction

Once in a while one might find themselves having sent money to the wrong person via Safaricom M-PESA. One can also send money to the wrong agent or the wrong Paybill or Till number.

There are a few ways in which you can reverse the transactions when they happen, with a good chance to get your money back. However, one is advised to try and reverse the amount as soon as possible before the person who has received it thinks of spending the funds.

Good thing is that, nowadays people who spend funds that they have received via Mpesa by mistake have been taken to court and found culpable of stealing something which should act as a deterrent to other like-minded individuals.

1. Reverse MPESA transaction using the sms code 456

When you send money to the wrong number, immediately forward that confirmation message to 456. Note that here are no charges applied when using the SMS code 456.

Safaricom will respond in less than five minutes, telling you they have received your message, and have started working on it. Depending on the time of the day, sometimes it only takes 2 hours to reverse the money.

However, when it late at night you will have to wait until the next day morning, although you should still send the transaction message to 456.

2. Reverse using MPESA Hakikisha

Safaricom gives customers 25-seconds to confirm the money recipient after sending the money. On the Hakikisha prompt, MPESA customers are able to confirm the name of the person they are sending to.

If the prompt shows a different name from the one intended, you should to reply by sending any number or letter, and you will reverse the payment made to the wrong person.

3. Reverse transaction by visiting an MPESA agent

After you have realized made a mistake and sent money to the wrong person, an MPESA agent can assist you in getting your money back.

You will be required to proof ownership of the MPESA account by producing the National ID card used to register for that account. You will also need to show the transaction message, to prevent impersonation and theft.

The MPESA agent will then make a call to Safaricom requesting your money be reversed.

4. Call Safaricom customer Care to report the wrong transaction.

Just dial 100 for prepaid customers and for 200 for postpaid customers, follow the instructions on the other end, and wait for a Customer Care agent to assist you.

It is however advisable to first send the MPESA transaction message to 456 before calling Safaricom Customer Care.