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7 fun things to do in Kisumu

Kenya is known for its beautiful game parks and coastal beaches which attract millions of visitors to the country every year. While these are the go-to places when visiting the country, if you’re looking for something different, there are parts of the country that boast equally attractive landscapes.  Kisumu is one of those places.

The moment you get to Kisumu, you will understand why it has quickly become a popular travel destination for both local and international tourists. The fast-growing, lakeside city boasts many natural and man-made attractions that offer a wide range of fun activities for visitors.

Here are some things to do in Kisumu.

Visit The Hippo Point

Kisumu Hippo Point


Just a short drive from Kisumu’s CBD, Hippo Point is a great spot to converge and enjoy local cuisine. A bodaboda ride costs around Ksh 150 for two people. Once you get there, you’ll be greeted by the sounds of thousands of animals and birds that inhabit this area making you forget that you’re only a stone’s throw away from the city. You can take a boat ride to see some hippos and birds in their natural habitat.

Enjoy The Local Cuisine

Kisumu Cuisine

There’s no shortage of eateries that serve local food such as ugali and fish in Kisumu. Most are along the lake where you can buy fresh fish including Omena, Tilapia and Dagaa, and have it prepared as you down a chilled beer or soda. Lwang’ni Beach is a favourite spot for both locals and visitors. The place boasts of great ambience, friendly service and most importantly, delicious food. Dunga Beach also has some eateries that serve delicious local food.

Visit Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi in Kisumu
Kit Mikayi in Kisumu

At around 120 meters high, it’s hard to miss this massive rock formation as you approach its location, 29 kilometres from Kisumu City. It’s one of the most visited places in the area as it holds significant cultural and spiritual value to the local Luo community. You can hike up the rocks and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding area. After the climb, a group of dancing ladies from the local community will keep you entertained and energized.

Attend Kisumu Street Carnival

Kisumu Street Carnival

Festivals are a great way to appreciate the energy of Kisumu City so make sure to book your trip during one of the many festivals in the city. You can also check the local events calendar to see if there are any festivities happening during your visit. Kisumu Street Carnival is one of the biggest festivals and it runs from December 23 to January 2.

Visit Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park in Kisumu

Who said you can’t enjoy a game drive in Kisumu? It might not be Maasai Mara but Ndere Island is a hidden haven for a wide variety of animals including birds, hippos, monitor lizards, fish, Nile crocodiles, snakes, baboons, impalas, the rare sitatunga antelopes, water bucks, zebras and warthogs. It’s among the most popular islands in the country for bird lovers. You can enjoy an adventure-filled day spotting some of this wildlife, enjoying nature walks, and birdwatching.

Visit Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum

The Kisumu Museum houses the natural and cultural heritage of Western Kenya for the purposes of enhancing knowledge, appreciation, respect and sustainable utilization of these resources. It features a snake park, a history gallery, a traditional homestead and a fish aquarium among others. The aquarium is located on the outdoor pavilions where you get to see a variety of live animals including fish and reptiles found in Lake Victoria.

Wind Down At Dunga Beach


One of Kisumu’s picture-esque spots, Dunga Beach is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the scenic views of Lake Victoria. The cool evening breeze accompanied by stunning sunsets provides the perfect setting for a picnic or an outdoor meal from the restaurants in the area. You can also try your hand at fishing, take a boat ride or visit the Dunga Fishermen Cooperative Society and learn about sustainable fishing practices.