Yego, a taxi hailing services launches Kenya, to charge a 12% driver commission

YEGO Global, a Rwandan taxi-hailing services has launched operations in Kenya through its subsidiary – YEGO Mobility Kenya Limited.

YEGO Mobility is expected to provide customized taxi-hailing services that are set to revolutionize urban mobility in the country with better terms for drivers and fair fares for passengers. The launch follows in-depth on-ground feasibility studies over the past two years and targets addressing pain points of the driver community and passengers.

Besides having the lowest commissions in the industry at 12%, YEGO drivers will be provided with personal accident insurance at no cost and medical insurance to qualifying Drivers. Fares will also be kept in line with the prevailing fuel prices and traffic situations, and drivers can withdraw their earnings on demand with the actual processing fees. A drivers’ SACCO (savings and credit cooperative) is being set up and YEGO Mobility Kenya has committed to pay 10% of its dividend to the SACCO to secure the Drivers’ future.

YEGO Global has been operating in Rwanda since 2016 where it became the first licensee in Rwanda to provide a smart mobility solution using Intelligent Connected Fare Meters (ICFM). YEGO has 100% market share of the taxicab and boda boda market in Kigali and will expand to cover the entire country. Being the sole licensee in Rwanda, YEGO is all set to drive the secure and smart digitization for the boda and taxicab industry. YEGO’s operation in Rwanda has been recognized globally for driving inclusion, innovation and upliftment of women and youth, by reputable organizations such as Fast Company, Africacom, and AppsAfrica Innovation Awards.

While Apps make it convenient to book a ride, YEGO goes a step further by enabling Passengers to instantly start a ride by simply scanning a QR code with the unique ‘Pair Ride’, a feature not available with any other ride-hailing companies.

When it comes to safety, YEGO has a stringent vetting process as well as a 24/7 Call Centre that can be contacted instantly. Passengers and Drivers can reach them on 0730 818181 to book rides.

YEGO Kenya plans to bridge the digital divide by helping Taxi Drivers adopt and understand technology, inculcate the habit of saving, build credit scores – which will help them access finance, upgrade their vehicles, be covered by insurance and so much more.

Karanvir Singh, CEO and Founder of YEGO Global, had this to say, “It is a very proud moment for YEGO Mobility to be the 1st licensed app by NTSA in Kenya. We are providing a customized solution for Kenya, one that has been purpose built to free the driver community from the digital slavery of the Gig economy. Our innovative “frugal” approach allows us to design a solution for emerging markets, where Driving a Taxicab or Boda is a fulltime job and not a Gig. Our low-friction approach not only ensures that we are fair to both Drivers and Passengers, but that we are sustainable for decades to come.” 

YEGO has invested over 2 years in the Kenya project. Singh explains, “It has been a long journey, from understanding the challenges faced by both Drivers and Passengers to incorporating not just a solution, but a company that’s foundation is built on a double-bottom line – we are impact first and profit second. Unlike other players who made lofty promises they did not keep, as already demonstrated, we are serious about our commitments!